Preparing For Your Adventure

Preparing For Your Adventure

Please follow each of the steps below to ensure you are all set for your adventure!


1. Download the ClueKeeper App

You and any other team members can download the app to your mobile phone from either the Apple App store or Google Play.

2. Enter Your Unique Hunt Code

We will email your unique hunt code within 3 days of your adventure (or immediately if you have booked last minute).


Please Note: 

  • If you have made a standard public booking via our website, the email will have the title: “Your Code Is Ready!”. 
  • If you have made a self-guided or hosted multi-team booking the codes will be sent separately in a Setup Guide document.

In ClueKeeper, tap ‘Enter Hunt Code’ and enter your hunt code to access your game. The person who enters the hunt code is now the team leader and may invite other team members to share the game on their phones. 


If you receive an email from ClueKeeper with an option to try a tutorial, please ignore it.


3. Further Support With Setup

Use the drop-down list of questions below if you need further support.


4. Next step

Tap the start button to confirm your start location.

How many phones do we need to use?

We strongly recommend installing the app on two or more phones in case your battery dies or your network connection is flaky.

I can't find my Hunt Code

Please check your junk mailbox. If you still can't find the message, please contact us.


Sign in to the App
  • You can sign in via Google, Facebook or Apple. If you do not have one of these accounts, you can sign in as a guest or simply create a Google account in order to download the app. If you sign in as a guest, once you have downloaded the hunt, you won’t be able to change devices.
  • Please ensure you allow notifications from ClueKeeper (otherwise you won’t get the clues!). If you don’t do this when installing the app, you can do this later by changing the app permissions on your phone settings.
  • Choose a 'Username'.
Do I need to open the 'Welcome to Cluekeeper' tutorial game?

There's no need to do the Tutorial, the app is very intuitive and each game gives you the guidance you need when you need it.

Is my mobile device compatible with the app?

The vast majority of phones will be.

The app is compatible with iPhone (iOS 12.0 or newer) or Android (Android 7.0 ‘Nougat’ or newer) devices.

If your phone is registered outside of the UK, Europe or the USA, please contact us immediately and we will help you out.

Set / change your team name

Tap the menu in the top right of your screen and then tap ‘Set team name’ to edit. This will be displayed on the leaderboard after playing.

Add team members
  1. Team members need to download ClueKeeper.
  2. On the team leader's phone, tap on the name of the game and then tap the menu in the top right of the screen. Now tap “Add team member” and enter your team member’s ClueKeeper username (at the bottom of their app screen), or the email address they used to sign into ClueKeeper with.

    (Note: due to Apple’s privacy policy you can only invite team members, who have registered with an Apple email address, by using their username. You can find this on the bottom of your app screen).

What to bring on the day
  • You should bring the phone that you have entered the game code onto, along with any other phones your team members are using.
  • We recommend a portable battery charger if possible and / or having at least one other phone in your team in case of battery or signal problems.
  • Wear shoes suitable for walking in and clothes suitable for the weather.
  • We do not have the facilities to store luggage at the start location, so please only bring with you what you can carry.

If you have any issues, please contact us at