Player Manual

Playing Your Game

The app is very intuitive, but in case you need extra support during play, or want to get up to speed before starting your adventure, the key instructions are below.

Who can enter answers?

Brighton, Cambridge, London, Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon: Any player can submit an answer. All phones will sync immediately.

Bath and York: Only the team leader can enter answers to clues. They will then be able to move smoothly forward to the next clue. All other phones will sync/catch up whenever they have mobile reception.

Enter an answer

Tap 'Solve' and enter your answer. Most clues allow unlimited attempts. However, some clues only allow one attempt. It will always be pointed out to you when this is the case. You do not need to worry about upper or lower case text, and there's no need for punctuation.

Skip a clue

Most clues will have a 'Skip' button, tap this and you will move on to the next clue. You will lose the points available for that clue, but you will be able to carry on with the game!

Take a hint

Most clues have several hints available. Simply tap 'Hints' and then tap 'Hint 1'. More hints will become available within a few minutes.


Many hints will have a 'cost', but some will become ‘free’ after a few minutes. In all cases, if you take a hint early, you will drop a number of points.

Sync your phone

Your phone should automatically sync. If you need to manually do this, go to the menu in the top right corner of the app and select 'Sync Now'.

How long do I have to answer a clue?
You can spend as long as you need solving most clues, but one or two do have time limits. This will always be pointed out to you.
Inspect an image

Tap on the image within the clue and then you can expand it like any other image on your phone.

If your battery is running low

Brighton, Cambridge, London, Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon:

If a phone runs out of battery, the game will continue seamlessly on any other phone with the game on.

Bath and York

If the team leader's battery is running low, then it's essential you switch the team leader to another team member before the battery dies. Here's how:

  1. Find a spot where both phones have mobile reception.
  2. On both phones, go to the menu in the top right corner of the app and tap 'Sync Now'.
  3. Now in the same menu, the team leader should tap 'Release Team Leader Role'.
  4. On the new team leader's phone, go to the same menu and tap 'Claim Team Leader Role'.

If the team leader's battery has died before switching the leader to another player, please contact us.

Re-read the intro text to a clue

Go to the menu in the top right of the screen and tap 'Show intro text'.

Review answers to previous clues

From within any clue, simply click on the 'Back' button in the top left menu.

See summary information about my game

From within any clue, simply click on the 'Back' button twice.

Visit a weblink

Some clues may have embedded weblinks. These are always shown within red square brackets [....]. Simply tap on the weblink to go to the webpage you need.

Take a break

You will be given updates on your progress as you play the game to help you manage your time. Every game has a maximum time limit but we do build in some time for breaks.

Quit my game

If you wish to finish early, please return any equipment to where it came from. Then, tap on the menu in the top left corner twice to return to the Summary screen. From here tap on the top right hand menu and select 'Quit Hunt Permanently'. If you select this option, you will not be able to return to your game.


Call 0330 223 6646 (local rate).


Hopefully, this manual is helpful to you. If any improvements are needed, please contact us at:


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