Treasure Hunt London
Treasure Hunt London

The most immersive treasure hunt London has to offer. A real spy adventure across the Southbank

Cluefall is an immersive and interactive outdoor city adventure taking place on London’s vibrant South Bank. Part escape game, part treasure hunt, you and your team will become spies for the day as you follow the trail of clues on your phone, solve cryptic puzzles and interact with agents on the ground.
You’ll visit some of London’s most iconic landmarks and discover hidden gems, as you embark on your mission. The most exhilarating outdoor treasure hunt London has to offer.

Whether you enjoy escape rooms or treasure hunts or simply want a unique adventure for the day, Cluefall is the perfect day out for friends, families and team building events.

The Story

You are an elite team of counter-espionage spies (I know, I know! Look it’s hard to recruit these days, okay). You work for a top-secret government organisation, protecting the people of Britain from its enemies. The organisation you work for is so secret that not even MI5 and MI6 are aware of your existence!

But there is bad news! There is a double agent in your midst. And it turns out that the agent is working for your arch enemy Cluefinger. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the double agent before they bring down your organisation and endanger the citizens of Britain.

If you choose not to accept your mission, well, um, we’ll have to find someone else, I guess.

Use your powers of deduction, lateral thinking and observation to eliminate suspects one by one until you reveal the mole’s identity. Use exciting spy gadgets and work as a team to complete your secret mission. The game is not only full of intrigue and mystery but there are plenty of surprises and hilarious moments along the way.

Unlock secrets

Find and use curious objects and interact with mysterious characters

Discover the city

Explore the carefully-chosen sights and discover hidden gems

Solve the puzzles

Work together to solve puzzles inspired by escape rooms, The Crystal Maze and digital technology

Teams of 2-6 players

Gather your team of friends, family or colleagues

GPS-enabled app

Use the app to locate clues, take hints and submit your answers

3.5 Hours

Average duration. The game has a maximum time of 4.5 hours

“By far the best outdoor game I have played”

“Every clue was fun”

Outdoor Escape Game

Discover hidden secrets

Treasure Hunt

Authentic props

“The best part of our trip”

Outdoor Treasure Hunt London - Essential Details

Average Duration

3 hrs 30 mins

Distance & Route

The route is 4 km. You will start and finish at a secret start near Waterloo train station

Dog Friendly?

Sorry, the game isn’t suitable for dogs, apart from assistance dogs

Opening Times

Mon: play from 12:15 onwards. Last game starts at 15:10


Tues-Fri: play from 11:15 onwards. Last game starts at 15:10


Sat & Sun: play from 10:15 onwards. Last game starts at 15.40

Team Size 2-6 / Age Range 11-99

The game is designed for ages 11+. Under 11s play free. If you have enough players for two teams, then book adjacent time slots. Alternatively, contact us for large group bookings and team building events


A couple of venues in the game require players to go upstairs. Lifts are available for these locations. There are also a few steps along the way

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